I bestow My Wisdom upon thee.

I am not the path of promise

but verily the Light Bearer.

I proclaim Love.  My disciples must realize Happiness is

the Love of Christ.

Love can create universes.

Love and Wisdom are One.

Water will not extinguish fire

but will purify the world.

O' heart, pour out the wine of tears...

---Leaves of El Morya's Garden, THE CALL

par. 21,27,28,29


The Fiery Chalice of an Agni Yogi is Aflame.

Hierarchy...par. 267

The Fire of the Heart alone unites through its magnet, all world structures.  

One must think about this pre-eminence.

...because Fire is Love!

---Signs of Agni Yoga, Fiery World 1

par. 7, 49

The Smile of the Creator crowns thee; not because of gratitude but due to

rejoicing in the Fire of thy Heart.

And above the heads of the chosen ones, glows the sign of Fire.

---Leaves of El Morya's Garden, THE CALL

par. 266

Do not forget that Agni is nourished by joy and courage and endurance.

Thus, let us follow the path of the Fiery Consciousness.

---Signs of Agni Yoga, Fiery World 1



Fiery World