The Community of One Fiery Being, All Seeing, Soaring by Loving.

O' ye people, loving lovingly

Love of all loves,

How easy is thy yoke

And how light is thy burden!

Thus speaketh the Heavenly and Eternal,

Wisdom and Love It Self.

----John 3 

Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians

The HOLY SEE of Being, expressing….

...on many spheres and planes, multi-dimensionally, physiologically, sociologically, spiritually, metaphorically, metaphysically, 

scientifically, i.e., synthisized, or harmonized to peacefully abide, be it hidden, beyond fear in a clearing of the non-surmised 

or un-conceived, substantially elevated or simply deduced to the ill-at ease,
......feelings of being so very thankful and the rushing of loves' all mighty winding, giving vibrancy and sendings,

rendering echoing of   'Be(w)hold, ...the Magnificent, Magnificat.

---Rabia U'llah


Fiery World III

One of the great concepts, often incorrectly interpreted, is precisely the great concept of humility. It has been interpreted as non-resistance to evil; it has been interpreted as good-heartedness, as compassion, but very few accepted it as self-denial. For only self-denial and self-sacrifice can give understanding of humility. Truly, We see the giants of spirit and the heroes who devote themselves fully to the humble tasks for the good of humanity. We know of great experiments being humbly carried out in the earthly laboratories for the benefit of humanity. We know the great fiery experiments of those who dedicate their lives wholly and humbly to the benefit of mankind. We know manifestations on the path to the Fiery World which inspire all surroundings. Truly manifold is humility manifested through self-sacrifice and self-renunciation.



Heroism is a manifestation of various aspects of humility. Thus the records of space are filled with great deeds of humility. Invaluable are these fiery flights of the spirit. Thus, verily, the heroes of humility drain the cup of poison for the good of mankind.


As the highest humility and the highest self-renunciation, should one accept the Image of Those bearing the full Chalice of self-sacrifice. They carry a heavy burden in the heart. They bear the brunt of the tension manifested by humanity. They carry the burden of the entire discrepancy. Such humility is redemption. Who will give himself wholly to the achievement of drinking the cup of poison? Who will take upon himself the FieryShield for the good of humanity? Who will resolve to accept the fiery energies? Who will manifest the understanding of the entire Cosmic tension? Verily, he who is in consonance with the Higher Forces. Mankind is accustomed to demand Good, but very rarely does mankind think of giving.


Hence the humility of a saint who carries a fiery chalice is regarded as the highest humility. The fiery chalice holds the essence of the saving of the spirit of mankind and the atonement. Thus, let us remember and manifest understanding.


For such fiery humility the spirit must be tempered through thousands of years and must live in constant achievement. Thus takes place the final bid for the planet, and in this great Battle We manifest Our Might. Therefore Our humility is so fiery. It is not easy for a fiery spirit to manifest humility. The fiery spirit is like a furnace, like a flaming torch, and self-denial and self-sacrifice are its lot upon the last step. Therefore the last sojourn on Earth is so hard. Each threshold means a painful step. Thus do We forge the great future. 

---Signs of Agni Yoga, Fiery World III
Par, 24, 25, 26
by Helena Roerich

Helena Roerich: herald "Mother of Agni Yoga," is the profoundly spiritually inspired writer of the Agni Yoga Book series, a most humble devotee of Master Morya El and servant of the Blessed Hierarchy.  ‘Uraeus’ is a passport indicative of initiatic hidden wisdom, the heart of sacred cosmic fire.  The Eternal Promise, Our Resonating Divine Memory of Blissful Communion and Freedom, unceasingly projected, taught and enabled through the sending forth of messengers from Our Blessed Hierarchy, whom grace, fortify and instills virtues within, to all adepts, anoint their reign as thus, by  "U ray Us."  Pass the port of "Call" aspirants transformed into adept, awe-inspiring living flames, radiate Divine Love, Light and Wisdom; re-establish the true teachings for the involution and evolution of consciousness for those who have lost their "Remembrance;"   Suchness, is Holy Identity and implementation of the Highest Will of the Hierarchy for the planet, Earth.        ----.Rabia'  U'llah 

Fiery World