​                                                  THE GREAT SERVICE

Great is the creativeness of the purification of consciousness. Everywhere are such accumulations! Without the purification of consciousness humanity cannot advance. And We can save only when the consciousness has been purified. Therefore We intensify so greatly all Our energies. FW 111, P13

Among the receivers of the Teaching there are many channels; each channel has its own special characteristic and designation. But the ocean of thought of the Teaching can be given only through the source nearest of all to it...Those fiery receivers who can contain the ocean of thought of the Teaching function as the chief unifiers between the Higher Forces and the World. FW 111, P15

The Teaching is given in endless succession, for the purpose of affirmation of fiery revelations and the carrying out of highest laws, and, following the same principle as that governing magnetic poles, can be given only to a fiery spirit that has been aligned - with Hierarchy for thousands of years...The fusion of consciousness is forged over a span of thousands of years.... Hearts are merged in one Great Service ... Immutable is the Cosmic Law, and it should be understood that the succession of the Teaching is affirmed through millenniums. There are many who attempt to infringe upon this great right, but a Cosmic Right is given to a creator in the Fiery World. Therefore humanity must purify consciousness for the understanding of the great Right of succession.  FW 111, P21

The World is striving for the crowning perfection... The closest to perfection will be the path of Beauty...When we observe the life of the planet with all its prejudices, we see that we must inevitably arrive at the victorious crowning through Beauty. One should become accustomed to the realization of the victorious crowning. Such thinking will bring one to the Fiery World.  FW 111, P23


As the highest humility and the highest self-renunciation, should one accept the Image of Those bearing the full Chalice of self-sacrifice. They carry a heavy burden in the heart. They bear the brunt of the tension manifested by humanity... Such humility is redemption. Who will give himself wholly to the achievement..? Who will take upon himself the Fiery Shield for the good of humanity? ...Verily, he who is in consonance with the Higher Forces. Mankind is accustomed to demand Good, but very rarely does man think of giving. Hence the humility of a saint who carries a fiery chalice is regarded as the highest humility. The fiery chalice holds the essence of the saving of the spirit of mankind and the atonement. Thus, let us remember and manifest understanding. FW 111, P25

For such fiery humility the spirit must be tempered through thousands of years and must live in constant achievement. Thus takes place the final bid for the planet, and in this great Battle We manifest Our Might. Therefore Our humility is so fiery. It is not easy for a fiery spirit to manifest humility. The fiery spirit is like a furnace, like a flaming torch, self-denial and self-sacrifice are its lot upon the last step...P26

The dominance of the spirit and the dominance of the heart are understood so little that it is necessary to broaden these concepts for the advancement of humanity. Often lack of understanding of these great principles creates a disturbance of the earthly equilibrium. The best example is the gap between East and West. Thus, in the East one does not understand that the domination of spirit does not mean inaction and that domination of the heart is not lack of will. And the West has destroyed both these concepts and affirmed the domination of matter as the basis of life. One cannot advance without the dominance of spirit and of heart. One should accept into daily usage the formula of inspired matter. Then spirit, heart and matter will enter life...Therefore each subtle approach to science, to art, must be evaluated as true fiery thinking. Let us remember about the dominance of spirit on the path to the Fiery World.  FW 111, P27

Those who live under the power of Beauty are attracted toward constructiveness. They create by their potentiality the mastery of spirit. They regenerate life through Beauty.... The domination of spirit and heart is a great cosmic law. Therefore the Fiery World creates through the power of spirit. FW 111, P28  ...The power of Beauty summons into the World of Fiery Completion. Creativeness through the power of Cosmic Love is infinite. The space resounds with the affirmation of the law of Cosmic Love. FW 111, P29

Only a broadened consciousness can understand the power of creativeness of the invisible Cosmic Ray. The power of this Ray is the law of the Fiery World. But if the spirit be not directed toward the grandeur of the Cosmic Origins, it cannot receive the power of the Cosmic Ray. A great future can be realized only through reception of the Cosmic Ray....I shall speak about the great Cosmic Ray in connection with the manifestation of unity. On the last earthly step, before the victorious crowning, a conformity of the fiery transmuted centers with the Cosmic Ray is established. Each visible tension has its corresponding cosmic designation. Thus the centers are saturated with fire for admittance of the great Cosmic Ray, which adapts all the bodies for the final rending from Earth. The subtle, the physical and the astral bodies thus take on one and the same image of Beauty. This is the greatest action of the Cosmic Ray, and the Fiery Right attracts this mysterious Cosmic Ray. In this lies the supreme cosmic Mystery and the greatest manifestation of Cosmos!  FW 111, P30, P31

The struggle of the spirit is a step toward recovery...Therefore it is also necessary to develop respect for the labor and the research of those who possess a synthesis. On the path to the Fiery World synthesis and the manifestation of the struggle (labor) of the spirit are needed.  FW 111, P32  .

The thought reigns above all Samadhi. The higher, the more powerful. The more flaming the thought the more useful the manifestation. Truly, thought is all-powerful and limitless.  FW 111, P33

So much is said about co-operation, but so little is comprehended!  FW 111, P36.   In the community one should remember about the sacredness of feelings.  FW 111, P35
The essence of fiery advancement comes from ... love for Hierarchy; in it will be contained a feeling of responsibility and a true understanding of Service.  FW 111, P39

In fact, luminous courage saves one from disagreeable entities.  FW 111, P553... 

Despair is called darkness. Such a definition is precise; indeed, it extinguishes radiation and the Fire of the heart grows dim. Such a state is not only harmful, it is unworthy of man; he becomes lower than an animal. It is possible to brave the condition of despair. The most frightful entities employ it. Behind it stalks terror itself. Where then will be the garden of beauty?  FW 111, P554    

I so urge to guard the health.  FW 111, P617

Thus, primarily we are fiery beings. Only with such conviction do we begin to grow the so-called fiery wings. FW 1, P26    

All achievements and heroic deeds are essentially fiery actions.  FW 1, P28


The pillars of a nation stand erect only on the qualities of heroism of the spirit and the heart.    FW 111,43    

Fiery World