Fiery World


The most beautiful and most profound experience

is the sensation of the mystical.

It is the sower of all true science. 

He to whom this

emotion is a stranger, who can

no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as

good as dead.  To know that what

is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting

itself as the highest wisdom and the

most radiant beauty which our dull faculties can

comprehend in their primitive forms-

this knowledge, this feeling is at the center of



---Albert Einstein


The Mind-Heart

The very Heart of your Mind (Mind-Heart) is connected to, obedient to,

subservient to, aligned with and is synchronized to the Seat of the Soul,

verily the  Mind of your Heart (Heart-Mind), the innate origin of be-ness.

Thus, the Mind-Heart eternally attunes to, resonates with and atones for the 

profound release of your personal and universal mission in life, through 

The Clarion Call, The Eternal Quest, the Psalm of Vidya, The Song of Light!

---Rabia U'llah


Songs of the gospel, psalms of the heart, synergistically spinning, 

I'm surrendering to the spin I'm in; winding,  re-turning, as a burning, love.  A Joy!
Joyfulness in my heart, flowing tears water my garden of being, breath arrests,  a tincture, 

an overshadowing,  

coming into union, yea communion, a rendering release and having wept then, tears in my ears;

timelessness again masks and (His/Her) Immanence is ambient and clarity of mind shines forth 

and the wine press is the labour of Love.

 I AM-That-I AM

---Rabia U'llah


Metaphysical  can equal mystical in transcendence of consciousness 

in that the mental and physical bodies

are aligned on a higher plane 

having spiraled out of the world of relativity to timelessness reality, 

into the plane of what is actual, 


---Rabia U;llah


Now is the time to share love and give thanks for tomorrow is not promised 

and may bring sorrow.  Lay away, aside your fears, all rationale.  

Be ye consumed in Me.



A beautiful island in our heart where golden sands are sparkled with jewels and fragrant 

blossoms (strewn) along the shore.  Under a beautiful arbor is a temple of rubies 

where we commune with our teacher in meditation. 

The acoustic of the Heart allows us to hear the inner teachings.

---Alchemy of the Heart, Claire Prophet

 "Hearing" is the sense attributed to Key 5. It is "The Voice Within," or the "Listening to the Heart," 

we must do to find out what really matters to us. In order to listen, the listener must be silent. 

The Hierophant represents this silence. This is the silence of the hidden seed or idea, 

the sequestration of the sacred.'

'Mystics call this ante-chamber

Hindi and Buddhist call it ananda-kanda (root of bliss)

a secret place, chamber of the heart, a doorway to the cosmic, the 8th chakra

or hierarchy (hier: sacred - archy: rulership by).'


Thy sacred fast point of "Peace" emanates harmony within me.

---Rabia U'llah